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The majority of medical malpractice claims throughout the U.S. involve doctors and hospitals. What you may not know is that almost all doctors are not employees of the hospitals, but are rather considered independent contractors, possibly limiting the hospital’s liability in a medical malpractice claim. This may mean that your claim or lawsuit will need to name the doctor or doctors responsible for your injuries along with the hospital, not just the hospital alone.

Proving the legal responsibility of a hospital or doctor in a medical malpractice or negligence claim can be difficult, particularly when the patient is already suffering from a life-threatening disease or serious injuries. As such, establishing and then showing the connection between negligent care and the patient’s injury or wrongful death is highly complex. However, with the right resources and knowledge, a medical malpractice attorney can establish this connection by carefully reviewing medical records, interviewing witnesses, evaluating the patient’s injuries and more.

Types of Hospital and Doctor Malpractice

Medical malpractice or negligence may take on many forms and can occur at virtually any point in a patient’s relationship with a hospital or medical care facility. From the moment the patient enters the emergency room or is admitted to the hospital, doctors have an obligation to provide standard and acceptable medical care. This includes the diagnosis of a patient, treating the patient before, during and after surgery and administering or prescribing medicine, among other things.

Whether your claim involves a birth injury, surgical error, anesthesia error, medication error, emergency room malpractice or any other type of hospital or doctor malpractice, a lawyer at our firm can help.

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